A Peaceful Saturday

As a mother of 4 boys, having a Saturday to myself is very rare. Well, I wasn’t completely alone. I shared my glorified solitude with my 2-year-old son while my husband took our oldest 3 and nephew out to the movies to see Boss Baby (which, by the way, was told it was hilariously funny).

They left at a perfect time as it was nearing Ethan’s nap time. I decided to take Ethan to our neighborhood park here in the Bronx. As I strolled him about, we felt the crisp cool air to be comforting. Living in a 3 bedroom apartment in NYC can get stuffy at times. We ran into a few of my colleagues on the way to the park, exchanged a few words and then proceeded to the park. Once we got there, Ethan tells me that he wants to get down. I unbuckle him and off he goes to the slide.

I attempted to take a few pictures to post on this blog but completely failed. You see, even though I have taken an interest in photography, I know nothing about it! I guess practice makes perfect.

After the crisp air began to feel like we were somewhere in the arctic, we decided to head back home. Once we arrived, Ethan was put down for a nap and alas, my alone time! I got to enjoy an hour of just peace and quiet. I sat down, had a cup of coffee with a couple of vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods, turned the TV on to watch reruns of Vanderpump Rules and began to feel rejuvenated!

I live for moments like today. Being a mom of 4 can be so exhausting but having an hour of blissful solitude warrants me the opportunity to really be thankful for what I have. I may live a simple life but I am rich in family.

I hope you all were given that “hour” to help put things into perspective.


Thanks for reading.

See you in the next blog.

Michelle 💚


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