A Gorgeous Spring Day in NYC!

To celebrate this gorgeous spring day in NYC, I decided to take my youngest 2 boys to our neighborhood park after picking up my 7-year-old from school. Nicky and Ethan were so excited and my heart was content! We made a quick pit stop at home to grab some money just in case the ice cream truck would arrive and then headed to the park.

Nicky went straight to the jungle gym and began climbing on poles and sliding down the curly slide. Ethan darted for the swings. I swung him for what it seemed like 30 minutes. At one point it looked like he was falling asleep. There was something soothing about the swing and the fresh breeze grazing our faces.

An unflattering pic of me and a very sleepy Ethan  

“Mom!!!! The ice cream truck is here!!!!!” Nicky yelled at the top of his lungs. I swear, it was a bit mortifying at first but I was relieved to know that my kids won’t leave the park disappointed, waiting for the ice cream truck to arrive. However, we managed to leave with a few tears


Well, it wasn’t the Mister Softee ice cream truck but it was a truck loaded with Good Humor prepackaged ice cream. The kids were fine with that. They ate their snow cone and ice pop, it fell to the ground, they cried, and it was time to head back home. I swear, I can never leave the playground without having any one of my kids crying. This routine is all too familiar! Nonetheless, today felt like a perfect spring day!

What did you do today? What was the weather like where you live? Did you get to take your kids out (if you have any)? Did you take pics for your blog? Let me know! 🙂

Until next blog,



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