Coffee Bar in the Bronx!

There is a cute, simple, minimilistic coffee bar in the Throgs Neck area that is sure to make you keep coming for more! I know I do!! I get so excited when I see coffee shops that look like they can only be found on the upper west side of manhattan in the Bronx! I stumbled upon The Miles Coffee Bar when a group of teachers and I were heading to lunch at a nearby restaurant. My friend and I were a little skeptical at first because finding a coffee shop in the Bronx that is willing to veganize a cup of coffee is quite hard to find. Well, I’m glad we took our chances because this coffee bar offers vegan options! And the best part is that they are looking forward to expanding their menu by adding vegan food!


From coffee, to avocado toast, oatmeal raisin cookies, and homemade granola, this place is worth visiting! Go visit them on Instagram @themilescoffeebar for snapshots of their coffee, food, and minimalistic atmosphere. The Miles Coffee Bar can be found at 4039 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. You’ll fall in love with the place!

Until next blog!



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