Dilemma: Trick or Treating with My Vegan Children!!

So the other day, my seven-year-old asked a very important question:  “Mom, how are we going to enjoy trick-or-treating this year now that I’m vegan?”  I did not know how to reply.  I tried to think back to what we did last year but last year, Michael (my husband) and I were newly vegan and our children were still eating dairy, eggs, and dead animals. Once we knew that veganism was way more than just a diet and accepted it to be a lifestyle, we spoke to our children about it and allowed them to make their own choice.  Fortunately for us, they all CHOSE to live the vegan way.

“Hmm, good question, Nicky!  We’ll let daddy figure that one out!” That was the only reply that came to mind.  As the days passed, I thought and thought about it.  I mean, let’s be real!  The kids can care less about the “trick” in trick or treat!  They want the candy.  And I don’t mean the sweet tarts or the tootsie rolls.  They want the M&M’s and Twix, and Butter Fingers!!

Just recently, I brought up Nicky’s concern to Michael.  “Hun, I don’t think we can trick or treat this year.” “Well, why not?” “Because they kids can’t eat the candy!”  Michael looked at me as if I had 2 heads!  “They can eat the other candy!” I looked at Nicky and he seemed to agree with him.

So, what is the whole purpose of this post? lol!  Well, it made me realized that my children will be put in situations where they will need to make choices.  It also made me realize that going vegan is 10 times harder for children than for adults.  Prior to going vegan, my children loved to snack on cheez-its and goldfish.  They miss it but feel bad eating it because they know the truth of what happens in the production of such products.  My children constantly remind me of how much they miss eating this, or that and I wish there were vegan alternatives to those things.  I mean, I can easily make vegan goldfish and cheez-its.  Pinterest is loaded with recipes on how but I wish I can just buy them at the store.

Well, we plan on making sure the kids have fun this halloween.  We might be the ones handing out the “vegan” candy and jack o lantern clementines (saw it on Pinterest!!) this year instead of asking door-to-door for candy.  Perhaps afterwards, we can go to the annual Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in Westchester, NY to enjoy the evening.  Either way, I am going to make sure the boys enjoy displaying their costumes and consuming yummy, healthy treats!

What are your plans this Halloween?  Oh, and if you’re vegan, how do plan on spending Halloween with the little ones?  I’d love to know!

Until next blog,



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