Living the Minimalistic Life

I’ve decided to live a minimalistic life.  I always loved the look of muted colors and open spaces.  Every time I went on Pinterest, I found myself lured into pictures, pins, and posts of living rooms that are simple and free of clutter, bedrooms that were bright and airy, and bathrooms that were organized so minimally and adorned with plants.  I new that was what I wanted my new apartment to look like.  Not because it was aesthetically pleasing but because I imagined being at peace.

My family and I recently moved to a townhouse by the water.  An upgrade from where were living before.  However, the moving process was an eye opener for me.  I learned a lot about why I felt so drained and uninspired, even depressed at my old apartment.  After 8 years of living there (and growing into a family of 6),we have accumulated so much junk.  Part of the walls were painted orange, blue, light tan, and yellow.  Our furniture was massive and invited so much clutter.  Over the years, our living room became a playroom.  Every corner of the living room spilled with Thomas the tank engine toys, hot wheels, and puzzles.  We held on to so much that it was actually affecting me emotionally.  Before “packing up” our old place, my husband and I decided to throw everything away.  We didn’t need to hire movers because the only things we took with us were our bed, one dresser, our dining table, and my vanity/work desk (which I recently decided to get rid of!).  That’s it!  So, instead of packing up, we were throwing away!

My husband and I came to an agreement and decided that for our new place, we were only going to have things that are functional and bring us joy.  If we don’t use it, we don’t need it!  I cleaned out my closet and gave away clothing items that no longer brought me joy.  I did the same with the boys clothes and I managed to fit all of their clothes in their personal 4-drawer dressers.  The desk that was once my vanity is now going to get donated.  In the old apartment, that desk became cluttered with makeup that I rarely used, old mail, electronics, and toys.  I don’t need it.  My makeup collection is stored in boxes.  Most of that is going to get tossed and I’m only keeping the items that bring me joy.

Those of you who live the minimalistic may have heard of Marie Kondo.  We’ll I’m learning all this “joy” stuff from her because being a minimalist is not about having less.  It’s about holding on to the things that are purposeful in your life!  That’s the life I want to live and that is why I am now living the minimalistic life!

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One thought on “Living the Minimalistic Life

  1. I’ve recently been thinking: Less clothes available, less to wash.

    Odd…but I feel it’s one of those simple ones that take a long time to really permeate the mind.

    Any chance we’ll get a before/after photo of one of your cluttery rooms? 🙂


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