Starting Over? Here’s How!

Life is never easy and you’ll find yourself having moments in life where you are forced to reinvent yourself.  Let me tell you, it’s not easy and I am sure you can attest to that.  However, it is possible.  Through out the many life ups and downs I’ve faced (adulthood, motherhood, marriage, divorce, victim of infidelity, new relationships, and new careers), I find it that I am constantly evolving to meet the demands of the current circumstances.  So, whether you are going through something similar to what I’ve been through or currently going through, try doing one or a few of these to help you boost your confidence and self-esteem while going through the metamorphic time in your life.

1. Change your home decor!  Going through a breakup or starting a new relationship?    Get rid of everything that reminds you of your previous one.  You don’t need that energy in your life and you certainly do not want to bring that energy into a new relationship.  Invest in adding life into your home.  More plants or flowers can add positivity into your life.  Get a new bed! Yes!  There, I said it.  For obvious reasons, in which I will not get into, invest in a new bed, or bedding, or both if you can afford it. Add pillows to your couch, or even add a new rug. Get a plug in and change the way your home smells. These are changes that will bring positivity into your new relationship, especially if it’s one that you plan on being in for the long run.

2.  Get a makeover! Do you have long hair?  Cut it!  Have short hair? Dye it, ombre it, balayage it, let it grow, or even add hair extensions.  I hear tape ins are a good investment.  Having a new look is such a confidence booster.  I recently made the decision to let my hair grow long again.  Added some subtle highlights for a pop of color and just did a keratin treatment for added shine and to eliminate the frizz. I am by no means vain, but I feel great!

3.  Eat healthier! Whether you are vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, or enjoy eating dead animals, make the conscious effort to eat healthy.  Add more veggies into your diet and drink smoothies.  Take your vitamins so that you can meet the new demands of your life.  Drink more water!  Eating healthy will leave you feeling great and young.  You will also reap the benefits by looking leaner and also by shedding a few pounds if that’s what you want.

4.  Exercise!  Go to the gym, go for daily walks, or watch a few youtube videos and do home workouts.  Whatever way you choose, do it with the mentality of wanting to be healthy instead of losing weight.  People who work out to lose weight almost give up every time.  But, if you choose to workout because you want to feel good about yourself, you will most likely stick to it.  Exercising is great for relieving stress and clearing the mind, especially when you are going through change.

5.  Meditate!  Clear your mind, recite a few of your favorite mantras, pray, or write in a journal.  Take a few minutes for yourself to wind down or set the day by clearing your thoughts and by bringing positivity into your mind.

6.  Practice the Law of Attraction!  What is it that you want to gain from starting over?  Put it out there in the universe and let it manifest your thoughts.  “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve!”

And that’s it!  This is what I do every time I find myself starting over.  Any change in life, whether positive or negative, is never easy because you find yourself having to make changes in your life to accommodate the new.  I hope this helps any one who is seeking a way to make the transition of starting over as smooth as possible.  Thanks for reading!

Until next blog,

Michelle 🖤


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